About Renew and Align Body Therapies

Laura McDermott, graduated from The Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) of Norcross Georgia in 2011. She has long been passionate about natural healing and overall wellness. Shortly after graduating she worked at an integrated health clinic with chiropractors, corrective exercise specialists, a medical doctor and a naturopath. All of which helped her gain real world knowledge and invaluable experience. After practicing in Georgia, she made the decision to come back to her home state of Colorado to pursue her dream of owning her own massage business.

Though Laura works with all the massage modalities she has learned to create an integrated and healing massage, she enjoys working with people who have pain concerns. In particular, she specializes in tempro-mandibular joint dysfunction therapies (TMJD) and Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT).  NMT is a specific type of massage which works with the nervous system as well as the muscles to make long lasting changes to the tissues. 
She also practices Sports massage, Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral technique. She continues to learn more so she can help her clients to the best of her ability

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